Exodus – Second Book of Moses


In the book of Exodus, the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, God heard their cries and rescued them.  We can be confident that God still hears the cries of his people. Just as he delivered the Israelites from their captors, he delivers us from sin, death, and evil.

After crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites became quarrelsome and discontent.  Like the Israelites, we find it easy to complain and be satisfied. Christians still have struggles, but we should never allow difficulties and unpleasant circumstances to turn us away from trusting God.

God revealed his law to the Israelites at Sinai. Through the law, they learned more about what God is like and how he expected his people to live.  The law is still instructional for us, for it exposes our sin and shows us God’s standard for living.

God led Moses and the nation of Israel, and he wants to lead us as well. Is he preparing you, like Moses, for a specific task? He will be with you; obey and follow. Is he delivering you from an enemy or temptation? Trust him, and do what he says. Have you heard his clear and moral directions? Read, study, and obey his Word. Is he calling you to true worship? Discover God’s presence in your life, in your home,

Writer of Exodus

Exodus is one of the first five books of the Old Testament – books that have traditionally been assigned to Moses as author. The disciples (John 1:45), Paul (Romans 10:5) and Jesus (Mark 7:10; 12:26; Luke 20:37; John 5:46, 47; 7:19, 22, 23) testified to Mosaic authorship as well.

Date Written

It must be dated some time before his death about 1400 B.C. 1450 – 1410 B.C., approximately the same as Genesis

Historical Setting of Exodus

Exodus covers a crucial period in Israel’s early history as a nation. Most conservative scholars believe the Hebrews left Egypt about 1440 B.C. Some believe it took place much later, around 1280 B.C. About two-thirds of the book describes Israel’s experiences during the two years after this date. This was the period when Israel traveled through the wilderness toward Mount Sinai and received instructions from God through Moses as he met with God on the mountain.

Theological Contribution of Exodus

The book of Exodus has exercised much influence over the faith of Israel, as well as Christian theology. The Bible’s entire message of redemption grows out of the covenant relationship between God and His people first described in this book. In addition, several themes in the book can be clearly traced in the life and ministry of Jesus. Moses received the Law on Mount Sinai; Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness to give life to the people; Jesus was lifted up on the cross to bring eternal life to all who trust in Him. The Passover served as the base on which Jesus developed the Last Supper as a lasting memorial for his followers.

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