Embarking on a journey of Bible study can be both exciting and challenging. As someone with some years of experience in delving into the depths of God’s Word, I understand the significance of having the right resources at your disposal. Here I will explore, what I call, five essential Bible study resources that can transform your study experience: the Study Bible, Concordance, Bible Commentaries, Lexicons & Dictionaries, and Bible Handbooks. These tools will equip you with a deeper understanding of Scripture, enabling you to uncover its timeless truths and apply them to your life.

Study Bibles

esv study bible

The ESV Study Bible

4.8 Stars

The ESV Study Bible was designed to help you understand the Bible in a deeper way. Created by a diverse team of 95 leading Bible scholars and teachers, from 9 countries, nearly 20 denominations, and 50 seminaries, colleges, and universities.

The ESV Study Bible features a wide array of study tools, including extensive study notes, 200 full-color maps, 40 full-color illustrations, charts, timelines, articles, and introductions, making it a valuable resource for serious readers, students, and teachers of God’s Word.

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strongs concordance

The New Strong’s Expanded Concordance

4.8 Stars

The best concordance for word study! This exclusive new edition of a legendary classic puts generations of biblical research at your fingertips.

The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is a valuable tool for pastors, teachers, and students of the Bible. This expanded edition is computer generated for highest accuracy, and the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries have been augmented with definitions from the classic reference work Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words.

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bible commentary

Believer’s Bible Commentary: Second Edition Hardcover

4.8 Stars

Make Bible study a part of your daily life with the thorough yet easy-to-read commentary that turns complicated theology into practical understanding.

The second edition of Believer’s Bible Commentary is a one-volume guide that helps the average reader develop basic knowledge of the Bible. This commentary, written by the late William MacDonald, explores the deeper meaning of every biblical book and tackles controversial issues from a theologically conservative standpoint while also presenting alternative views. Serving as a friendly introduction to Bible study, Believer’s Bible Commentary gives clarity and context to scripture in easy-to-understand language.

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Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary

4.8 Stars

This classic word study resource allows you to study the meaning of biblical words in the original languages without spending years learning Greek or Hebrew.

A great resource for students, seasoned pastors, and anyone who enjoys biblical word studies–even if they have little to no formal training in Hebrew or Greek. This classic reference tool has helped thousands dig deeper into the meaning of the biblical text and will enlighten Bible students to the riches of God’s truth in Scripture, opening up God’s word as it has never been opened before.

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Bible Study Resources – In the End

Equipping yourself with these essential Bible study resources will greatly enhance your understanding and engagement with Scripture. A Study Bible will provide you with comprehensive annotations and helpful tools, while a Concordance will unlock the depth of language used in the Bible. Bible Commentaries will offer expert insights and interpretations, while Lexicons & Dictionaries will enable you to explore the original languages. Lastly, Bible Handbooks will guide you through the historical and theological contexts of each book. By utilizing these Bible study resources alongside prayerful reflection and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will embark on a journey of discovering the profound truths contained within God’s Word. Happy studying!


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