Bible Character Studies

bible character studies

Bible character studies are a Bible study method that is focused on one person in scripture. It is done to learn more about the person, their lives and key Bible verses as well as to learn from their mistakes, trials and triumphs. It is also meant for us to understand their role in God’s plan and to learn how these lessons apply to our lives. 

Hagar – Mother of Ishmael

Escape of some kind is usually the most tempting solution to our problems. In fact, it can become a habit. Hagar…

Pilate – Governor of Judea

In Jesus’ day, any death sentence had to be approved by the Roman official in charge of the administrative district. Pontius…

Lot – Nephew of Abram

Some people simply drift through life. Their choices, when they can muster the will to choose, tend to follow the course…

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