Bible Character Studies

bible character studies

Bible character studies are a Bible study method that is focused on one person in scripture. It is done to learn more about the person, their lives and key Bible verses as well as to learn from their mistakes, trials and triumphs. It is also meant for us to understand their role in God’s plan and to learn how these lessons apply to our lives. 

Judah – Son of Jacob

People who are leaders stand out. They don’t necessarily look or act a certain way until the need for their action…

Joseph – Man With Divine Purpose

As a youngster, Joseph was overconfident. His natural self-assurance, increased by being Jacob’s favorite son and by knowledge of God’s designs…

Laban – Brother of Rebekah

We’re all selfish, but some of us have a real corner on the weakness. Laban’s whole life was stamped by self-centeredness….

Caiaphas – High Priest of Israel

Caiaphas was the leader of the religious group called the Sadducees. Educated and wealthy, they were politically influential in the nation. …

Rachel – Wife of Jacob

History seems to repeat itself here. Twice a town well in Haran was the site of significant events in one family’s…

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