Scripture Reading Plan

Our Scripture Reading Plan provides a practical and accessible tool for people to engage in systematic scripture reading throughout the year. These plans are designed to guide both adults and children through the Bible, offering a structured reading plan that ensures comprehensive coverage of the sacred text.

For adults, the plan presents a chronological order of the Bible, allowing readers to journey through the scriptures in a cohesive manner. This approach helps individuals grasp the historical and narrative flow of the Bible, enabling a deeper understanding of God’s unfolding plan throughout history. By committing to this year-long scripture reading plan, church members can experience the full breadth of God’s word and be enriched by its teachings.

In summary, charts are a valuable resource offering adults and children a practical and organized method to read through the Bible. By following these plans, we can embark on a transformative journey of discovery, deepening their understanding of God’s word and strengthening their relationship with Him.

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