Sharing Your Story – Some Helpful Hints

How To Share Your Testimony

In this section of Sharing Your Story – Some Helpful Hints we suggest having another Christian read it and make suggestions for improvement. Ask them to point out any areas that you need to explain further and to make sure the gospel is presented clearly. Then, when you have a final draft that you like, outline your testimony on a 3″ x 5″ card. Practice giving your testimony to a friend in four minutes or less. Sharing your testimony with your small group would also be an excellent opportunity to practice and receive feedback.

  1. Do consider writing more than one draft. Ask others to critique it using the questions listed in “A Final Check.”
  2. Do rehearse your testimony until you are able to give it naturally.
  3. Don’t use Christian lingo. Words or phrases familiar to a Christian may be strange or nonsensical to a non-Christian. Examples are “asking Jesus into my heart,” “saved,” “converted,” “convicted,” and “born again.”
  4. Don’t be to wordy. Have a clear pint and direction to your words.
  5. Don’t emphasize how bad you were.
  6. Don’t speak in glittering generalities, such as “wonderful,” “glorious,” etc.
  7. Don’t speak critically or negatively about any other group or individual.
  8. Don’t mention churches or denominations by name.
  9. Do be realistic. Share how Christ enable you to walk though your problems, rather than removing them from your life.

Some Tips
You now have a completed the basic parts to a personal testimony. You have the body, consisting of the Before/How/After sections, as well as an attention-getting introduction and a conclusion that gives your listener something to think about.

Remember that a personal testimony is dynamic in that it is constantly changing. From time to time you may want to change your theme or update your specific details. Seasons of life change what we emphasize in our testimony.

The goal is to communicate effectively with your audience, whether it is a college student or a roomful of faulty wives. Preparation is the key. That is what this information is meant to do – equip you to share confidently in a well-thought out way as God opens door of opportunity especially for you.

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