Sharing Your Story Introduction

Starting Your Personal Testimony

The purpose of sharing your story introduction is not to memorize it, but to help you put into words some of the important and interesting details of your conversion. A testimony serves primarily as a “door opener,” not a “convincing tool.” Many people are not ready to be convinced that they need Christ, but can often be led to talk about the gospel after hearing a personal testimony.

Testimonies can be prepared on many subjects and tailored to various audiences. The kind of testimony outlined here is designed to give to a non-Christian. It will be best suited for sharing one-on-one or in a small group.

Consider two different versions: one to use in a group setting and one to use with individuals. Both introductions need to be memorized word for word so that getting started is made easier and smoother.

Sharing Your Story Introduction Tips

  1. If sharing your testimony with a group, your opening sentence will be more formal than it would be with a conversation with a friend. Consider using an interesting quote, a startling question, or an illustration that really captures their attention. An example would be, “one of the richest men in the world, John D. Rockefeller was once asked , ‘How much money would it take to satisfy you?’ Smiling he quickly replied, ‘Just a little more.'”
  2. If sharing with an individual, the opening statement should relate to where he or she is and include a teaser that piques his or her curiosity about the gospel. Examples are: “Bringing up children in this world can be difficult. Apart from one factor, I would be lost as to knowing how to raise mine.” “When I was in college I had everything a person could want, yet underneath, I was dissatisfied.”

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