Sharing Your Story – A Final Check

How To Share Your Testimony

Sharing Your Story – A Final Check will aid in refining what you have written you may want to use the following questions to help make a final check.

  1. How does this testimony come across? Do any parts of it sound like patronizing, preachy, cutesy, etc.?
  2. Is the introduction attention-catching if speaking to a group and realistic of speaking to an individual.
  3. Is the “before” portion of the testimony understandable? Do I specify a clear need?
  4. Is the gospel so simple and clear that a non-Christian would be able to receive Christ as a result of hearing it?
  5. Is the “after” portion of my testimony realistic or does it sound as if my life is now problem free?
  6. Is my conclusion a good synopsis of my testimony or does it leave the listener hanging?
  7. If I used a theme, was it woven throughout my testimony?
  8. Does it avoid or explain religious terms that would not be understood by a non-Christian.
  9. Do I say anything in my testimony that would be offensive to a particular person, group, or denomination?
  10. How would my testimony make a non-Christian feel about Christianity?

Some Tips

When you have shared your personal testimony, you may want to conclude with a statement that causes the person to reflect on what you have just shared. What you say will depend on how this person has been responding to what you have shared. If their response seems positive you could say something like:

  1. “Bill, has anything like this ever happened to you?”
  2. “Mary, do you know for certain whether you have eternal life?”
  3. “Do you have any idea what eternal life is?”
  4. “May I share with you some day how I know for certain that I have eternal life?”
  5. “May I share an illustration with you that explains how a person can know for certain that he has eternal life?”

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