Putting It On Paper

Write Out Your Testimony

As with anything, the first step is putting it on paper. Start with the body of the testimony. Later, you will add the introduction and the conclusion. You will proceed by writing each of the five sections in the following order:

  1. Before you received Christ
  2. How you received Christ
  3. After you received Christ
  4. Introduction
  5. Conclusion

Some Tips

Remember that examples you give will establish you as a credible witness in the minds of non-Christians. However, avoid a religious focus. (You want to make it about Jesus and your need for Him.) Don’t spend a great amount of time talking about church activities or denominations before your life began to change. Likewise, avoid being explicit and sensational in speaking of drugs, immorality, crime or drunkenness.

Because you are trying to be concise, the following tips may help you as you begin to put your ideas on paper:

  1. Before actually writing the body of the testimony, jot down ideas, thoughts, and events as you go through the questions that follow in the sections called “Before you received Christ,” “How you received Christ,” and “After you received Christ.”
  2. Decide what is most important to your testimony. Avoid being too explicit or sensational.
  3. Arrange your events, ideas, and thoughts in a logical order of presentation.
  4. Develop these brief thoughts and ideas in sentences.
  5. Tie them together with other sentences in a concise, meaningful way.

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