After You Received Christ

How to Share Your Testimony

In writing the After You Received Christ section, state how Christ filled or is filling your deep inner needs. In the before, you expressed your needs and how you tried unsuccessfully to meet them. You now want to briefly show the difference that Christ has made in your life.

  1. How did Christ specifically satisfy the basic need you stated in the before section?
  2. What changed have occurred in your life as a result?
  3. How do you know Christ is in your life?

Some Tips

Be practical in describing the changes in your life since you became a Christian. Describe how God is helping you learn how to trust Him more. Give examples of ways you have changed or principles you have discovered in God’s Word and how you have applied them in your daily life.

Be sure to mention that you are not perfect now! You still have many problems every day, but Christ enables you to face them realistically and to solve them God’s way. You are not perfect, but you are forgiven and progressing.

Practical ideas that Christ has changed might include relationships, goals and priorities, good or bad habits, attitudes, the atmosphere in your home, etc.

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