Second Epistle of Apostle Paul to the Corinthians


In responding to the attacks by the Corinthians on his character and authority, Paul explains the nature of Christian ministry and, as an example, openly shares about his ministry. This is an important letter for all who wish to be involved in any kind of Christian ministry, because it has much to teach us about how we should handle our ministries today. Like Paul, those involved in ministry should be blameless, sincere, confident, caring, open and willing to suffer for the sake of Christ.

Second Corinthians must have been a difficult letter for Paul to write because he had to list his credentials as an apostle. Paul was reluctant to do so as a humble servant of Christ, but he knew it was necessary. Paul also knew that most of the believers in Corinth had taken previous words to heart and were beginning to mature in their faith. He affirmed their commitment to Christ.



Date Written:

About A.D. 55-57, from Macedonia

To Whom Written:

The Church at Corinth, and Christians everywhere


To affirm Paul’s ministry, defend his authority, and refute the false teachers in Corinth.

Complete Outline:

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