The Gospel According to Saint Mark


The Gospel According to Saint Mark presents the person, work and teachings of Jesus. Jesus did not arrive unannounced or unexpected. The Old Testament prophets had clearly predicted the coming of a great One, sent by God himself, who would offer salvation and eternal peace to Israel and the entire world. Then came John the Baptist, who announced that the long awaited Messiah had finally come and would soon be among the people. In God’s work in the world today, Jesus does not come unannounced or unexpected. Yet many still reject him. We have the witness of the Bible, but some choose to ignore it, just as many ignored John the Baptist in his day.

Jesus had all power of almighty God – he raised the dead, gave sight to the blind, restored deformed bodies, and quieted stormy seas. But with all this power, Jesus came to mankind as a servant. We can use his life as a pattern for how to live today. As Jesus served God and others so should we.

Jesus came as a servant, so many did not recognize or acknowledge him as the Messiah. We, too, must be careful we don’t reject God or his will because he doesn’t quite fit our image of what God should be.


John Mark. He was not one of the 12 disciples but he accompanied Paul on his first missionary journey (Acts 13:13).

Date Written:

Between A.D. 55 and 56

To Whom Written:

The Christians in Rome, where he wrote the book. The explanation of Jewish words and customs would indicate that the author has foreigners in mind when he wrote. See ch. 3:17; 5:41; 7:1-4, 11, 34.


To present the person, work, and teachings of Jesus Christ the tireless servant of God and man.

Complete Outline

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