First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians


Without Paul’s presence, the Corinthians church had fallen into divisiveness and dis order. This resulted in many problems, which Paul addressed squarely. We must be concerned for unity and order in our local churches, but we should not mistake inactivity for order and cordiality for unity. We too must squarely address problems in our churches.

Corinth was a major cosmopolitan city, a seaport and major trade center – the most important city is Achaia. It was also filled with idolatry and immorality. The church was largely made up of Gentiles. Paul had established this church on his second missionary journey.

The Corinthians had sent Paul a list of questions, and he answered them in a way meant to correct abuses in the church and to show how important it is that they live what they believe. Paul gives us a Christian approach to problem solving. He analyzed the problem thoroughly to uncover the underlying issue and then highlighted the Biblical values that should guide our actions.



Date Written:

About A.D. 55, near the end of Paul’s three-year ministry in Ephesus, during his third missionary journey.

To Whom Written:

The Church at Corinth and Christians everywhere.


To identify problems in the Corinthian church, to offer solutions, and to teach the believers how to live for Christ in a corrupt society.

Complete Outline:

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