The Book of First Chronicles


The book of First Chronicles gives us a long list of names that presents a history of God’s work in the world from Adam through Zerubbabel. Some of these names remind us of stories of great faith, and others of tragic failure. About most of these people named, however, we know nothing. But those who died unknown to us are known by God. God will also remember us when we die.

David loved the Lord and wanted to build a temple to replace the tabernacle, but God denied his request. David’s greatest contribution to the temple would not be the construction, but the preparation. We may be unable to see the results of our labors for God in our lifetime, but David’s example helps us understand that we serve God so he will see his results, not so we will see ours.

First Chronicles begins with Adam, and, for nine chapters, the writer gives us a “Who’s Who” of Israel’s history with special emphasis on David’s royal line. The rest of the book tells the story of David – the great man of God, Israel’s king – who served God and laid out the plans for the construction of and worship in the temple.

First Chronicles is an invaluable supplement to Second Samuel and a strong reminder of the necessity for tracing our roots, and thus rediscovering our foundation. As you read First Chronicles, trace your own godly heritage, thank God for your spiritual forefathers, and recommit yourself to passing God’s truth to the next generation.


Ezra, according to Jewish tradition.

Date Written:

Approximately 430 B.C., recording events that occurred from about 1000-960 B.C.

To Whom Written:

All Israel

Complete Outline:

To download a PDF outline of the book of First Chronicles click here.

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