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Your way to God is not through church... your way to church is through God!!
The Bible does not teach church growth, it teaches discipleship.
Church growth is a byproduct... discipleship is the goal!!

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About Us

The Fellowship - Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

The Bible alone is the inspired Word of God, and the only authoritative rule for faith and practice. It alone, is able to make man wise unto salvation. (more…)

Fellowship thru discipleship bible study

The Fellowship of Believers

If ever there was a purpose for the church is has to be Acts 2:42-47. We are told they “devoted” themselves to the following (more…)

Unity of the faith thru fellowship bible study

Unity of the Faith

Have you ever wondered what God must think when He looks down on the church on earth? It’s fractured, it’s divided, it’s certainly not united (more…)